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​Pavlína Matlasová
Garden design and Design
Ing. Pavlína Matlasová
Garden designer
Originally from Czech Republic, I came to England in September 2013 to work as an au-pair and the plan was to stay for one year.  This extended to two and at the end of two, I found myself so in love with the West Midlands and it`s beautiful country side (and one of it`s coutry boy!), that I decided to stay in this country indefinitely, I felt I needed to find a new job.

I actually found out about The Cotswold Gardening School in the firs year that I was here and was thinking about trying to do the course while working as an au-pair. I simply did not have enought hours in the day to do this, until a year later when circumstances changed, and I was accepted on the course.

I started studying as garden designer in Semptember 2016 and loved it from the start. My background education is quite different to design, as I have a Bachelor`s degree and a Master`s degree in economics and management. However, I always knew in my heart, that that was not what I wanted to do as a career. Being a garden designer was a dream that I am now turning into a reality.

Hopefully I might be able to turn your drams about your perfect garden into a relity too?

​A bit more about me
  • High school - Business academy in Prague 2001-2005
  • One year English course with FCE certificate 2005-2006
  • University Bachelor degree - Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Economics and Management, Bachelor Degree of the university study programme "Economics and Management", 2007-2011
  • University Master degree - Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Faculty of Economics and Management, Higher education in Master Degree study programme "European Agrarian Diplomacy", 2011-2015
  • One year English course at Worcester College of Technology - ESOL Skills for life Level 2 certificates, Cambridge English Level 2 Certificate in ESOL International (Advanced) - CAE
  • One Year Professional Garden Design Diploma course - The Cotswold Gardening School, 2016-2017  
  • walking
  • exploring
  • dogs and other animals
  • gardening
  • reading
  • culture - theater, cinema and concerts
  • music
  • skiing, snowboarding, horse riding
  • drawing
  • cooking and baking

Thank you for your time
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